Saturday, March 2, 2024

Local firm eyes mass market for new iFive Mini 2 tablet

With mobile devices such as tablets now becoming a ?want? rather than a ?need?, a new local tech distributor has deemed it wise to bring to the country an inexpensive but powerful Android tablet.

Novo7Tech officially lifted the curtains on iFive Mini 2, a China-based tablet with a tag price of P6,999, at the Hyatt Hotel in Manila on Wednesday, April 24.

As the iFive Mini 2, a spitting image of Apple?s iPad Mini, is aimed at squarely at the entry-level market, the current model only features WiFi and does not have cellular capability.

Adrian Lim, IT director of Novo7Tech, said the 3G version, which is also set to be introduced in the country, costs higher than the WiFi-only variant.

The tech distributor labeled the iFive Mini 2 as ?the standard bearer of a trend that is becoming increasingly felt worldwide ? an emancipation of digital consumers from the prohibitive and trend-based prices dictated by large multinational digital brands.?

?The Philippines is a market that is rich in opportunities to spread digital knowledge and savvy. Filipinos are naturally adaptive to the latest technological trends and advancements, but as a developing country, we need to democratize the technology market in order to empower more consumers and to encourage a truly digital lifestyle,? said Lim.

The unveiling of the iFive Mini 2 tablet is the company?s maiden product to coincide with Novo7Tech?s retail and distribution expansion.

Novo7Tech said that while consumers are still a little hesitant to buy ?Made in China? products, it pointed out that that almost all of the largest digital brands manufacture their goods there as well.

?The key is still in choosing the right brands and products,? said Lim. ?And consumers can only make the best decisions when they are informed and empowered.?

Novo7Tech, which is eyeing an aggressive expansion in the next couple of years, is opening its flagship store at the Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

Currently, Novo7Tech can be found in standalone kiosks in major malls in Metro Manila, as well as on popular online and other mall-based distributor networks.


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