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Epson still king of dot-matrix; unveils new projectors

The local subsidiary of Japanese tech firm Epson has revealed that the company capped its fiscal year 2012 by topping the inkjet and serial impact dot matrix (SIDM) product categories.

Epson Philippines execs Donna Ferro, Toshimitsu Tanaka, and Lyn Lizarondo

At its annual ?Fusion? offsite event held in Guian, Eastern Samar, officials cited an IDC report which showed that Epson dominated the market for inkjet printers in the year 2012 with a commanding 34.4-percent value share.

The figure represents an increase in Epson inkjet printers (IJP) ?value share? from 26.8 percent to 34.4 percent from the preceding year. Value share corresponds to the total customer purchases in currency.

The growth originated mostly from the sales of the new Epson L-Series printers, its first ink tank system printers in the country.

?We believe that our revolutionary Epson L-series, among our other innovative inkjet products, has paved the way in the increase of our value share leadership in this category,? said Donna V. Ferro, head of Epson?s marcom and PR.

The new Epson L-Series printers were launched September last year. The product has been overwhelmingly received by customers that Epson immediately launched a new ink tank system line as a follow-up: the M-Series.

The M-Series monochrome genuine ink tank system printers are superior alternatives to entry-level monochrome laser printers. The M100 (single function printer) and M200 (all-in-one printer) have a 6,000 pages/bottle yield ? far more than entry-level toners.

The IDC report also noted that for the SIDM category, Epson has remained unbeatable — with a 90.3 percent value share — among all players in the Philippines. For several decades, Epson has been the undisputed leader in the dot-matrix printer segment in the country.

For the visual imaging or projector category, research firm Future Source Consulting recently affirmed Epson?s status as the top projector maker in the world for the 12th straight year.

?With the growing numbers that we are enjoying, we are confident that we are on track in making the Epson brand Number 1 in the Philippines and the world,? said Epson Philippines country manager Toshimitsu Tanaka.

To meet its goal in the projector segment, the company also launched during the offsite event two new projectors the EB-4000 series of projectors and the G6000 models.

The new EB-4000 series models fill the gap between the Epson EB-1900 series (4200 to 5000 lumens) and higher end EB-G6000 series (5200 to 7000 lumens and with interchangeable lenses).

With the EB-4000 series, Epson now has a total of 17 installation projector models that have a high brightness rating of 4000 lumens and above. These include the new models of the EB-4000 series, the EB-G6000 series and the range topping EB-Z series.

The Epson G6000 series projectors, meanwhile, have brightness ratings of 5200 to 7000 lumens. They are also the first projectors in this range to feature Epson?s home theatre projection technologies that greatly improve contrast, resolution, and video motion.

The new Epson G6000 series projectors are composed of six models with different combinations of brightness ratings, resolutions and features to suit a wide range of customers who need such high brightness projectors.

But perhaps the best features of the series are its ?edge blending? and ?curved and corner wall projection? capabilities.

All the new G6000 series models feature the ?Edge Blending? capability that can intelligently blend the colors of overlapped images (both top or bottom) from multi-screen projections to achieve a seamless panoramic display.

The two top-of-the-line models in the G6000 series (EB-G6800 & EB-G6900WU), meanwhile, have additional curved and corner wall projection capabilities that enable them to project distortion free images on surfaces that are concave, convex, 90 degree adjacent or even spherical. This allows them to be applied in creative and exciting ways for unique visual experiences.


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