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Pinoy-made math tablet courseware nominated in Asian awards

A Philippine-made mathematics courseware for tablet users is nominated to this year?s Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) Asia Awards, which gives recognition to the important contributions of innovation in giving creative solutions to social and economic development issues of the Asia Pacific Region.

A joint project of the Department of Science and Technology?s Science Education Institute (SEI) and the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), the project is nominated under the Innovations on Learning and Localization category.

Entitled ?Technology Package for Student Learning Empowerment: Mathematics Courseware for Tablet PC,? the project seeks to improve mathematics education by providing a fun way of learning math through efficient and affordable innovations in information communications technology (ICT).

SEI director Filma G. Brawner expressed gratitude for the recognition given to the courseware project and asked Filipinos to hit the mouse and vote for the project.

?We call on the power of the people to get online and vote for this innovative project. Let us harness our resources and propel this project to the top spot,? she said.

The mathematics courseware is composed of 10 lessons in Grade 1 mathematics namely classifying objects, comparing sets of objects and numbers, ordering sets of objects and numbers, searching for number patterns, adding whole numbers, subtracting whole numbers, partitioning regions into halves, partitioning regions into fourths, finding the whole region or set, and measuring length.

The modules were developed by all-Filipino educators, graphic artists, and programmers.

The projects nominated are open for public voting through the ISIF website. Last day of casting of votes is on June 26, 2013.

The ISIF Awards are granted to initiatives that are on the final stages of implementation or have already finalized activities that are aligned with the funding categories and eligibility criteria.

All award nominations are based on the project?s special focus to innovation and development. A financial support of up to AU$3,000 including a travel grant to attend the awards ceremony will be given by the ISIF Awards Secretariat for the winners.


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