Sunday, July 21, 2024

Forum: Flexible, tech-neutral regulation key to driving global ICT

ICT policy professionals attending the ITU?s 13th Global Symposium for Regulators have urged regulators, operators, service providers, and developers of so-called ?over-the-top? content platforms to collaborate on cooperative strategies that can ?grow the pie? while helping extend network reach to citizens and bring consumer prices down.

The symposium, held in Warsaw, Poland, attracted representatives from more than 130 countries representing over 200 government and private sector entities, including 110 chief executives.

This year?s program spanned a compelling range of hot topics, including migration from IPv4 to IPv6 Internet addressing to ensure sufficient growth capacity for billions of new Internet-enabled devices; the complex regulatory aspects of evolving digital financial transaction models; and strategies to finance investment in new network infrastructure for fixed and mobile broadband.

At the close of the final GSR-13 session, regulators endorsed a set of ?Best Practice Guidelines? designed to provide a framework for innovation, investment, and competition while ensuring the very best deal for consumers.

The new guidelines stressed the need to adapt and develop more flexible, innovative and light-handed regulatory frameworks, expanding beyond the traditional core telecom sector to embrace the multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder dimensions of the modern digital ecosystem.


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