Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cloud firm to offer Google Maps for business

As the newest Google Geo Reseller in the Philippines, cloud services provider IPC (IP Converge Data Services) said it is now offering Google Maps for Business to local enterprises.

Like the rest of IPC cloud services, enterprises can scale on demand with Google Maps for Business.

Although the world’s most popular maps are also offered on the Web for free, customers who need enhanced features such as advanced geo-coding, added support, and full control over advertising will have to avail of the Google Maps for Business from a Google Geo Reseller like IPC.

Google Maps for Business also delivers the service and support enterprise organizations need when incorporating maps into customer facing websites or mission critical internal applications.

Industries that will benefit from this technology include utilities, government, telecommunications, transportation, shipping & logistics, real estate, and retail.

Google Maps enable employees to view, understand and make better decisions by visualizing their own set of imagery/data on a familiar map. This also provides businesses the tools for optimizing operations and creating engaging applications.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of ePLDT, IPC offers a full suite of cloud services ranging from Software-as-a Service (Google Apps, Salesforce CRM and IPC PayCheck); Platform-as-a-Service (Google Maps and Earth and; Infrastructure as a Service (IPC Cloud Servers); and Backup-as-a-Service (IPC BackupCloud powered by Symantec).

These services are offered through IPC?s portal which is powered by a cloud platform hosted in its own Internet data center.


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