Friday, June 14, 2024

P1-B scam incites hackers to attack Malampaya website

Infuriated by the alleged P1-billion scam perpetrated by lawmakers and businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles from the Malampaya fund, local hackers attacked the online site of the foundation connected to the gas fund.

The hacked version of and
The hacked version of and

Infosec website PinoyHackNews first reported the defacement of on Friday, Sept. 27. As of Saturday morning, however, the site is still down.

The site?s other domain,, which redirects to the .org site, was also hacked.

In the bottom of the vandalized page, the hackers, identifying themselves as ?pr3 h4ck3r and synd1c4t3?, left this message:

?To the government officials who are linked to Malampaya Fund scandal. We are watching. Instead of using the fund for the benefits of the Filipinos you all used the fund for yourselves. You have failed the Filipino people.?

The hacktivists also left a note to purported scam mastermind Napoles:

?To Janet Lim Napoles whom her GHOST ?NGOs? were used as channel for disbursing the fund. This is just the start.?

The hackers also vowed to show their collective power against corrupt government officials.

?The Philippines for the very long time has been controlled by these evil corrupt officials. This is now the time to rise . We will show you the power of united Filipinos. We are anonymous.?


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