Thursday, June 20, 2024

Japan physicians sound alarm over children?s use of smartphones

While smartphones have become almost an indispensable part of modern-day living, giving small children unbridled access to these gadgets can result in undesirable consequences.

This opinion was expressed by representatives of the Japanese association of pediatricians, who intend to start a more in-depth study on the issue.

The fact is that many young mothers are using a smartphone as a ?pocket nanny?. Thus, should the child cry, she immediately gets the phone to play a game or watch a video.

This is strongly promoted by developers of applications that flood the market with all sorts of games that focus on children’s audience. One company has even released a special instruction on how to use smartphones in active games with children.

It turns out that ?smart? devices are engaged in education from an early age, but not the parents. This is proved by the studies? results: in Japan, about 20 percent of preschool children spend several hours a day playing applications on the phone.

The doctors believe that such abuse of trendy gadgets by children may adversely affect their development.

?The period of up to 6 years of age is crucial to the formation of the child?s five basic senses, and the constant use of a smartphone can cause dulling of one or more of them,? said Hiromi Utsumi, head of the Japanese Pediatricians? Association.

?In addition, it is bad for motor functions of the hands and the ability to write. Gadgets are also able to actually break communication between parents and their children,? Utsumi noted. — PNA/Itar-Tass


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