Friday, May 31, 2024

Ericsson PH touts new palm-size cellular radio as ideal infra for apps era

By Tom Noda

Network equipment Ericsson is promoting its new palm-size cellular radio technology to local mobile operators as a solution fit to cater the wireless broadband demand of app-loving Filipinos.


Called Ericsson Radio Dot System, the small disk-shaped device is being touted as an alternative choice for present indoor solutions that are built mainly for voice coverage but do not meet the growing capacity demands of apps.

Since 2013, the Philippines has emerged as an app-centric country, topping the South East Asia region in mobile game and app downloads.

The Radio Dot System promises to address operators? needs of offering a complete indoor solution such as high-quality access to mobile broadband and voice services.

Elie Hanna, president of Ericsson Philippines and the Pacific Islands, said the solution enables increased network capacity in environments where large numbers of people gather and consume large amounts of data.

The technology combines 3G and 4G with carrier- grade Wi-Fi and allows for the monetization of dedicated media content, advertising, and over-the-top services, Hanna said.

Hanna said the Radio Dot System is backed by 14 patents and is a result of two years of research and development.

Weighing only 300 grams, the device caters to different kinds of users in medium to large indoor locations. It introduces a revolutionary antenna element, or “dot”, which delivers mobile broadband access to users.

Dots are connected and powered via standard Internet LAN cables (Category 5/6/7) to indoor radio units that link to a base station.

“The Radio Dot System will change the way you do in indoor building solutions where before you need to put cables inside the walls but now you can connect the dot base station thru Internet connection, as simple as that,” Hanna said.


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