Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Poland-based ‘social learning network’ rolls out PH site

Brainly, a Polish online platform that connects students worldwide, has opened a localized version of its site in an attempt to link up Filipino students to their global counterparts.

brainly.ph screenshot

In a statement, the Poland-headquartered Internet firm said it has appointed Monika Ambrozowicz as community manager for the Philippines, which will now join about a dozen localized sites scattered across the globe.

Micha? Borkowski, CEO of Brainly, said: “We are happy to see how — thanks to the hard work of our team — the idea of social learning is getting to students in all corners of the world.”

The company said apart from Philippines, it will launch “six more versions on three continents, including two more in Asia” in the next few weeks. Brainly launched its first website in 2009.

The network said it has also launched mobile applications for iOS and Android for several of its language versions.

Brainly said more than 22 million students use its online platform “to share knowledge? in [an] atmosphere of friendliness and teamwork.”

The launch of Brainly.ph, the company said, will revolutionize the way of studying and learning in the Philippines. “It unites all children: from traditional schools, those homeschooled and distance learning students,” it said.

The website works in this manner: a student must first help others by answering their questions to gain points, which can then be spent when it is his or her time to post a question.

“For example, one can help the other pupil with English and then ask a question from mathematics, because everyone has different strong and weak sides,” it explained.

Brainly said educational social networks are the answer for many current problems, like unequal access to the education or the fact that children now spend most of their free time in the Internet.

“What makes Brainly special is that it is attractive for pupils, teachers and parents. Children have fun from learning, exchanging knowledge and meeting new friends,” the online firm said.

It added: “They also enjoy elements of gamification: points, rankings and achievements. Parents and teachers appreciate that Brainly is a real support for learning and that there are hundreds of volunteered moderators (students, specialists, parents and teachers) who care about the quality of both questions and answers.”


An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Brainly has opened a Philippine office. What the company actually launched was a local version of its site — and not an office. The title of Monika Ambrozowicz has also been changed from country manager to community manager for the Philippines.


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