Sunday, May 26, 2024

More Pinoys using Wattpad as e-reader of choice, exec says

More Filipinos are now using Wattpad as their preferred e-reader application.

Allen Lau, the CEO and co-founder of Canada-based Wattpad said there are more than five million monthly users of the Wattpad application in the Philippines.

Lau, who recently visited the country to attend the Manila International Book Fair, said this is a ?validation that people love to share stories through mobile devices and social connections.?

Allan Lau, Wattpad CEO
Allan Lau, Wattpad CEO

?After the US, the Philippines is the largest community of Wattpad users in the world,? the executive said. ?Wattpad is a huge part of entertainment in the Philippines. In fact many Filipino best sellers and blockbusters get a head start on Wattpad.?

The executive further added that in August, Filipino Wattpad users spent ?close to a billion minutes immersed in free stories.?

The Philippines has been very prolific with 11 movies already adapted from Wattpad stories and close to 100 books published after their Wattpad stories were discovered by interested publishers, he added.

Unlike other e-reader applications, Wattpad is said to allow users to ?read stories and share their own writing for free.? The application also allows interaction via comments or messaging.

In the Manila International Book Fair event meanwhile, Lau joined Filipino writers, readers, and consumers in discussing current trends and developments on e-reader applications.


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