Globe to Smart: ?We did it first, thank you?

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A few hours after Smart Communications launched its free mobile Internet access to its millions of prepaid subscribers, telco firm Globe Telecom issued a press statement thanking its rival for the unprecedented move.

Globe said the company is “flattered” and “honored” by Smart’s decision.

Facebook VP for partnerships Chris Daniels (left) and Globe CEO Ernest Cu
Facebook VP for partnerships Chris Daniels (left) and Globe CEO Ernest Cu

?As the telco which pioneered Free [Facebook] for the world, we are flattered and honored that our competitors have chosen to follow the lead we have set,? Globe said. ?We wish to thank them for the compliment and wish them the best of luck. More people on the Internet is good for the Philippines and our ecosystem.?

Smart’s free Internet access, which is initially available until November 30, offers up to 30MB data volume per day at a minimum of P1.00 load. It covers the current 66 million prepaid subscribers of Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun Cellular.

Globe expressed confidence that in the end, customers will still choose the telco provider.

?Amidst all the hype and promotions, we are happy in the fact that, at Globe, we deliver both. We look forward to more vigorous competition to come,? Globe said. ? Tom Noda

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