Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pinoy teachers at forefront of e-learning, says online firm

Thanks to the recent increase in smartphone, computer, and tablet use in the Philippines, and the rise of education technology companies, it?s hardly surprising that classrooms throughout the country are becoming increasingly ?digitized.?

What is more surprising, however, is that it?s the teachers, not corporations, who are the driving force behind this educational revolution.

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Quipper School is an online education platform that?s being adopted by over 20,000 schools in the country. New Era High School, based in Quezon City, is a champion of the online homework service, which is now used by all of its 3,400 students.

Heidee Ferrer, the school?s head of English, was the first to implement Quipper School, having heard about it from friends. With support from the company itself, she was able to get started without a hitch.

?Initially, I was hesitant about using a digital tool in the classroom. But it?s very easy to use. Since my students are true digital natives, I knew they would enjoy its game-like form of learning,? the educator said.

As soon as Ferrer saw results in her own students, she introduced it to the rest of the English department, and it was contagious.

Driven teachers at New Era High School, like many throughout the Philippines, took the initiative to help spread the word amongst students and fellow teachers; using their own time and resources to help others benefit from the platform.

Once the principal saw how the students were taking pride in their education, and spending more and more of their online time learning, the decision to implement Quipper School at a school-wide level was simple.

?EdTech? companies are fast learning to celebrate this teacher enthusiasm; Quipper School, for example, is running an exam competition in which teachers can win cash prizes while helping their students to improve academic performance.

?The campaign is a fantastic idea; we Filipinos love competitions, and it is great motivation for both teachers and students. I?m already certain that Quipper School will improve students? exam performances,? Ferrer said.

While the pairing of technology and education is hardly new, what differentiates this time from previous efforts is the drive and determination of the teachers.

EdTech companies are no longer ?selling? to schools in the traditional sense, but instead harnessing the drive of individual educators to improve learning worldwide. By forming online communities, making video tutorials, and hosting webinars, it?s the teachers this time around who are revolutionizing e-learning: surely the strongest form of endorsement.


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