Huawei PH touts ‘gold standard features’ in new Mate 7 smartphone

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After securing the nod of gadget reviewers around the globe, Chinese tech firm Huawei has unveiled in the Philippines its latest new flagship premium model — the Mate 7.


The Mate 7, which Huawei has described as loaded with “Gold Standard Features,” has earned raves for its 360-degree fingerprint sensor that instantly activates the phone once the user’s fingerprint is recognized.

Based on its research, a smartphone user unlocks his/her phone 100-150 times a day on average. Each unlocking gesture, whether via code or touch ID, takes around four to five seconds or a total of 11 minutes per day, the company said.

The 360-degree fingerprint sensor is conveniently located at the back of the phone, designed with how a user holds a phone. Its concave design and high pixel per inch ratio also allows quick and accurate identification, making fingerprint recognition easy.

The Mate 7 features a six-inch screen that is noticeably seamless. Its bezel is almost invisible and its screen-to-body ratio is high, allowing the user to better enjoy watching movies and playing games.

Despite its size, Huawei said the smartphone is still noticeably more compact than other six-inch phones, with a single hand able to grip its 7.9mm metal body.

The Mate 7 is also offers dual LTE SIM slots — micro and nano — and operates on an eight-core Kirin SoC chipset, also known as the next generation octa-core processor.

The phone enables intelligent switching to provide the balance between performance and power, ideal for multi-tasking or watching 3D games and videos.

In spite of the Mate 7?s high-powered processor, Huawei said its battery life can last as long as two days. This is due to the high-density Li-Polymer battery and unique integrated design, optimized for 4G LTE.

Initially launched at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany for 599 euros (about P33,000), the limited edition Huawei Mate 7 will be available in rose gold variant with 3GB ROM and 32GB RAM in the Philippines.

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