Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SAS taps Hadoop platform for Big Data analytics

Analytics software company SAS Institute recently tapped the Hadoop platform as its framework of choice in tackling the challenges of ?Big Data? analytics.


The analytics behemoth kick-started this development by inking a partnership with HortonWorks, one of the leading names in Hadoop development.

?We see the value of incorporating Hadoop into our system, and we intend to share this among IT practitioners on how it can help them with their big data challenges,? said Maxie Garin, country operations director at SAS Philippines.

The executive added that ?innovation being one of our leading cornerstone of strengths, our partnership with Hortonworks has resulted to our contributing new solutions in the area of Hadoop. ?By combining big data with Hadoop, you do better analytics,? she said.

Jeff Markham, Hortonworks? technical director for APAC said ?SAS and Hadoop, together, make sense of all your information and make you go from data to decisions faster than ever.?

With SAS? support for big data implementations, combined with the Hadoop data platform, this leads to an architectural shift in the data center, causing deeper insight across a larger and more diverse set of data at an efficient scale, the two firms.

This includes tapping unstructured data sources that previously couldn?t be captured and analyzed, such as social media, clickstream, IT server logs, machine and sensor and geo-location data. From data aggregation to powerful analytics ? decision makers can drill down to new levels of insights and quickly turn big Hadoop data into bigger opportunities.

By adding value to the metrics revolving around revenue generation, margins, risk reduction, business process improvements and market opportunities, the synergy between SAS and Hortonworks is seen as a welcome development for enterprises on the lookout on staying atop their game in the increasingly fast-paced world of business.


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