Oracle unveils network service solution for communications service providers


Oracle unveiled Oracle Communications Network Service Orchestration Solution designed to enable communications service providers (CSPs) to create network services to respond to market demand.

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The solution can also help CSPs reduce service development and management costs as they introduce virtualized network capabilities?the beginning of a transformation to network function virtualization (NFV) that will simplify their networks and minimize dependence on expensive, inflexible proprietary hardware.

The solution is part of the Oracle Communications intelligent orchestration framework, a holistic approach that guides CSPs as they adopt NFV technology and helps them to maximize its benefits.

The framework gathers and analyzes network performance information, evaluates the network?s operation against predefined policies and business rules, and can trigger the appropriate action to automatically modify the behavior of services, network functions, and virtualized infrastructure.

?While network virtualization promises to streamline operations in the long run, the short-term effect actually may be an increase in complexity when configuring and managing hybrid networks. This will require sophisticated orchestration of network services, network functions, and underlying infrastructure enriched by analytics and triggered by policy rules. Such a holistic approach to orchestration, like the one outlined by Oracle, is critical for CSPs to deliver the anticipated business benefits from their NFV investments,? said Dimitris Mavrakis, principal analyst, Ovum.

Oracle Communications Network Service Orchestration Solution is said to fulfill and extend the role of the NFV Orchestrator as defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) NFV Industry Standards Group, the primary standards body guiding NFV development.


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