Monday, June 24, 2024

SplitmediaLabs, AsiaSoft sign deal on live streaming

SplitmediaLabs and AsiaSoft Online announced a partnership on live streaming throughout Southeast Asia by establishing a new breed of production studios throughout 2015.


This partnership between the software company and games publisher aims to redefine the way eSports is broadcast throughout Southeast Asia by establishing high quality XSplit-powered locations throughout the region.

XSplit, an online platform for easy live streaming, recording and online video sharing, will be managed at Asiasoft Studios located in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, where it will run livestream event productions and joint promotions agreed by the two companies.

SplitmediaLabs and AsiaSoft?s shared vision for this partnership is to create a home for broadcasting high-quality gaming by creating professional and industry-standard venues throughout the region, exclusively created to host and livestream eSports tournaments and events.

?XSplit?s commitment to innovation has provided us with a powerful and cost-effective broadcast solution that we are sure will help in furthering our efforts in growing eSports live production throughout Southeast Asia,? said Koh Yung Tek, eSports business manager of AsiaSoft.

Acting as liaison between both organizations, SplitmediaLabs is also pleased to announce the appointment of Yu Sheng Tan, better known as ?Farpenoodle,” as the XSplit senior production engineer and the head of the XSplit event production team.

Yu Sheng Tan is probably best known as the developer of Stream Control, a simple program that works with XSplit to allow for complex visual layouts in live streaming events.

Over the coming months, Yu Sheng Tan will work closely with AsiaSoft and XSplit?s media production team to set-up studios throughout the continent, beginning in Manila.


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