Acer unveils Aspire R13, targets ?on-the-go? users


Acer has unveiled the Aspire R13, one of the latest additions to its mid- and high-range digital devices for the Philippine market.

acer-gadgets-march 19-foto

The company said the product is the newest 2-in-1 device from Acer, targeting users on the go,with its ?sensible construction and smart features.?

Aspire R13?s SSD storage technology (RAID-0 SSD fast storage) gives users large storage capacity of up to 1 TB2, and faster processing speeds for very smooth experiences when you play games, work on projects, watch movies, or browse the internet.

With Aspire R13, users can switch seamlessly between six different user modes. The product has an innovative Ezel Aero Hinge combining two separate hinge mechanisms working together.

This hinge also keeps the display very stable when you use it for touch control.

At only 1 inch thin (17.95mm) thin and 1.5kg light, the Aspire R 13 is the accessory to look sharp and sleek in business meetings, Acer said. The touchscreen and its back cover are encased in two slices of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 top panel.

Having all the high-quality hardware required for audio and video chats, the Aspire R13 is Skype Certified. It is also equipped with Acer Purified Voice technology that tracks the voice of the speaker.

The viewing experience will never be the same with its WQHD display with power-saving IGZO technology that delivers crisp images and Full HD display with wide viewing angles and optical clarity solutions.


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