Huawei rolls out 4G LTE Wi-Fi for automobiles


Chinese tech firm Huawei has unveiled a 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi device called Huawei CarFi which converts vehicles into WiFi hotspots.

huawei car fi-networked car-march 31-foto

The device allows download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and connectivity for up to 10 devices. Perfect for multiple, long summer road trips, the device can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another, the company said.

?We are becoming increasingly mobile and the demands of a mobile world don?t stop just because it?s summer and almost everyone is on vacation. At Huawei, we aim to always be a step ahead in providing great technology that meets connectivity needs in every aspect of life. Our devices such as the Huawei CarFi make it possible for people to enjoy the freedom of better connectivity on the move,? said Charles Wu, country manager of Huawei Technologies Philippines.

Penetration of Wi-Fi in vehicle infotainment system is set to become an important trend.

To address this trend and tap the large potentials and opportunities, Huawei CarFi supports LTE Cat4 connectivity with speeds of 150 Mbps and can also be used to allow up to 10 passengers quick and easy access to networks.

?Automotive connectivity, known in the industry as telematics, is a significant trend that will provide safety, convenience and infotainment in the future,? Wu said.

With its scheduled launch in the Philippines this?April 5, Huawei hopes to tap a huge segment of the market planning for long summer road trips.

The device will automatically turn off when no Wi-Fi-compatible device is identified, and can still be used to charge other electronic devices even when turned off as long as car is in use.

Alternatively, it can also be controlled remotely by Android and iOS smartphones using the ?Huawei Hilink? application available to download via all major app stores.

CarFi is available on Lazada and all Huawei Brand Shops. It is compatible with all car models that feature a cigarette lighter or in-car charger outlet.


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