Sunday, May 26, 2024

KakaoTalk introduces new ‘Action-cons’ emoticons

KakaoTalk users will find chatting more enjoyable with the new “Action-cons” brand of emoticons that fill the chatroom with animated sequences, presenting an immersive, multi-step emoticon experience.

The multi-platform texting app’s first action-con collection, “TouchTouch Adorable Mozzi” by artist Yun-hwa Baek, shows Mozzi the cat expressing a range of emotions and movement.


Through “KakaoTalk Emoticons Plus Friend,” users will be able to learn more about the emoticons and characters they love, in addition to exclusive deals and offers.

As of April 21, ?TouchTouch Adorable Mozzi? can be purchased in-app through the Google Play Store. Action-cons are compatible with the following KakaoTalk versions: Android 4.8.0 and iOS 4.6.1, and Windows 2.0.4; Desktop for Mac 1.5.3 versions.




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