Thursday, April 18, 2024

How ‘tingi culture’ supports mobile work style of Pinoys

With the age of smartphones and mobile data, “work” for entrepreneurs is no longer a place you go but a thing you do. Though work can be done anywhere, businesses still need a base not just for registration but also to project a professional image and help increase their productivity.

MyOffice ? a Filipino-owned provider of office support and virtual office services since 2004?? has created a system based on the ?tingi culture? to address this need of mobile workers.


?Many entrepreneurs want to register their business and set-up shop in a prime location but in order to do so, they will need to find an office located in Makati or BGC which has a high cost,? shared Milette Carlos, managing director of MyOffice.

?However, after getting the space, they never use the office since they work on the go. They end up paying thousands of pesos just for the address.?

Understanding Filipino mobile workers, MyOffice has incorporated the ?tingi culture? into its system, which allows its members to pay for services based on their current needs.

Whether it is the use of a meeting room, private office, or even virtual office support, MyOffice offers on-demand services that can be purchased through this ?tingi ? system.

Other services that can be purchased on a per-need basis also include scan to email, calendar management, fax to email, personal mailbox, payment handling, and an automated, customized receptionist.

?Many start-up companies and mobile workers really don?t need an office. In fact, majority of our existing members work at home or are always on the road. They only visit the office around once a month to hold a meeting with their clients. Because of this, MyOffice understands that entrepreneurs really just need the basics: location, space, and office support,? shared Carlos.

For those who need a complete set of facilities and services, MyOffice also offers set packages which members can avail and add on other services as needed.

Currently, MyOffice has a start-up promo rate starting at P500/month. With this, members of MyOffice get a prestigious CBD (central business district) address for business registration, number of hours use of either workstation or a meeting room, Internet, and basic virtual receptionist services such as mail handling, phone handling, and notification.

?Filipinos want to be practical and only purchase what they will use. In MyOffice, we give Filipinos this option, which in turn supports their mobile work style. They can continue working anywhere they want without worrying about costs or unused office space,? shared Carlos.


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