Pinoys get to use Facebook’s ‘I’m a Voter’ button for the first time

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Facebook has announced that it will give the 51 million Filipinos on Facebook the chance to share that they’ve voted in this Monday’s elections, with an “I’m a Voter” button that will appear in the Facebook News Feeds of those eligible to vote.

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Voters logging on to Facebook on Monday will see a “megaphone” message at the top of their Facebook News Feed, and will be able to click to share that they are voting with their friends.

By clicking the button people can highlight their status as a voter to their Facebook friends, without specifying who they voted for.

Facebook said this is the first Electon Day ‘I’m a Voter’ button in the Philippines. The use of the megaphone is a product of Facebook and Comelec’s partnership to increase participation and social media engagement in this year’s elections, the company said.

Facebook’s Election Day megaphone has been previously used in countries such as the UK, Taiwan, Spain, and Singapore for their respective elections.

Elizabeth Hernandez, head of APAC Public Policy at Facebook, said, “Facebook is the destination for authentic conversation about politics. It’s the best — and most popular — place for citizens to learn about candidates, for friends to debate political issues, and for candidates to reach voters. Politics is huge on Facebook, and with over 190 million Facebook interactions on the Philippines elections by more than 17 million Filipinos, the Philippines has been one of the most engaged elections globally on Facebook. That’s why we’re rolling out the “I’m a Voter” button — to give Filipinos a chance to share they they’re taking part with friends and family — and encourage others to do the same.

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