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Panasonic PH touts new air-con tech via 3D video mapping

Following up on the huge 3D video mapping presentation that was held during the “UST Paskuhan” event in December 2015, Panasonic Philippines announced it has set another series of 3D advertisement in Manila in partnership with advertising agency Seikosha Philippines.

The 3D projection mapping technology presented at UST Paskuhan event in December 2015
3D projection mapping technology presented at UST Paskuhan event in December 2015

Also known as spatial augmented reality, 3D video mapping technology on static canvas billboard for video mapping will be the first in the Philippines, Panasanoic told Newsbytes.PH.

The high-tech billboard will highlight Panasonic’s new Sky Series air-condition technology. The video mapping is scheduled in various parts of Quezon City on May 27-28, June 3-4, June 10-11, and June 17-18, Fridays and Saturdays.

The projection mapping activities will be held at Sunnymede IT Center Building facing Quezon avenue beside Hi-Top grocery along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.

In the “UST Paskuhan” event, the 3D projection mapping concept highlighted the Christmas season at the main building of the campus.

Panasonic bagged the 2016 Asia-Pacific Silver Stevie Award for Innovation through the outstanding execution of the video mapping in an event, a company statement said.

“The recent success gave Panasonic group more inspiration to give back to the Filipino people and to continue to entertain them. The citation also challenged them to further explore innovations that can raise public awareness and interest towards this latest technology,” Panasonic said.

“This year, their aim is to make noise, as Panasonic Philippines set a standard as the newest trend-setter in digital advertising. The 3D video mapping will specifically focus on the latest air condition innovation, the ?Sky Series?, featuring its air vent technology. The new Sky Series mode of action is instead of blowing cold air directly onto people, it directs the airflow upwards to cool the ceiling and walls. This is associated with the scientific concept that the hot air rises and the cold air stays at the bottom. This will make the process of cooling enclose areas much more efficient and revolutionary.”


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