Monday, February 26, 2024

Smart clothing to disrupt fashion’s future, says new report

Smart clothing will soon extend beyond fitness to target a wide range of personal, health, and enterprise uses, disrupting traditional fashion trends.


In new analysis by analyst firm ABI Research, the smart clothing market will top 18 million clothing articles annually by 2021, a 48% CAGR.

“Smart clothing today targets mostly sports professionals. However, the forward-looking brands are pursuing worker and public servant safety, interactive gaming, children’s health monitoring, and the elder care markets,? said Ryan Harbison, research analyst at ABI Research.

“New market segments not only expand the addressable market but also serve to prove that the technology can perform in a broader and more austere set of environmental conditions and applications.”

Innovative players driving adoption include Athos, Heddoko, Hexoskin, Mimo, Mondevices, OMsignal, Owlet, Sensoria, and Textronics. And recently joining these brands are giants such as Ralph Lauren, Google, and Levi’s.

Given the market’s growing popularity, ABI Research expects it will only be a matter of time before some of the larger tech players enter this space, too.

“The biggest challenge for this segment is ruggedizing the technology that makes the clothing smart,” said Harbison. “But as is the case in all IoT markets, partnerships will be even more critical to create durable, practical, and fashionable products that consumers want and are willing to pay a premium price. Partnerships will need to include wearables OEMs who will compete with, but also can complement, smart clothing.


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