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Survey: Strong surge of air-conditioners in Metro Manila households

The hot tropical climate in the Philippines is driving up demand for air-cooling appliance in Metro Manila, with households owning more units of air-conditioners and electric fans to cool down their homes.

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According to the recent GfK study, ownership rate of air-conditioners has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years in Metro Manila.

Findings from two GfK ownership surveys conducted two years apart revealed that ownership of the appliance in Metro Manila households has more than doubled from 12 to 30 percent; translating to one in five (20%) households in this region having bought a new air-conditioning unit within the past two years.

“Air-conditioner purchases here were nearly equally divided between first-unit and additional-unit acquisition,” observed Benny Villanueva, managing director of GfK in the Philippines.

“Results of the findings showed that ownership also climbed from 1.3 units per household in 2013 to 1.5 units per household in 2015.”

GfK conducted the same study, initially at the end of 2013, and a follow-up at the end of 2015 to determine the household ownership of electrical appliances as well as to provide a deeper understanding of the various categories in terms of product ownership, usage, product-replacement cycle, and brand preferences.

Results of the latest survey reflected some interesting findings; where household penetration of various products has deepened significantly.

“Metro Manila households are finding relief from the hot climate through installing either their first, or additional air-conditioners at home, although ownership is still lagging behind in some of the less affluent neighborhoods,” noted Villanueva.

“With the rising global temperature, it won’t be long before every household in the Metro Manila region is equipped with at least one or more air conditioners to counter the persistent heat.”

The other air-cooling appliance which has also reported greater presence in Metro Manila’s homes is the electric fan. Ownership of this more affordable cooling device has climbed up further from 98 to almost 100 percent of all households in the region.

Within the past two years, almost half of all the households here (46%) have made additional purchases of electric fans, driving up average unit ownership from 1.41 electric fans per household to 2.42 units. Desk fans and stand fans are the two most popularly owned types.


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