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Ragnarok Online teases comeback, gathers local Pinoy fans in confab

The Ragnarok Festival turned the clock backwards as it held on Sunday, May 7, a nostalgic get-together with Filipino fans of the popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) at the SM North Edsa.

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Headed by its developers, Gravity Co., together with their regional and local publishers Electronics Extreme and Elite Global Sourcing, the Ragnarok Festival had been the first Ragnarok Online (RO) gaming event in years. In Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, the game has been enjoying its top spot in online gaming since its rebirth in recent months.

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Ragnarok Online, labeled as the ?pioneer? MMORPG in the Philippines, introduced Filipinos to MMORPG in 2003 and eventually sparked an online gaming revolution and cosplay culture in the country.

Popular bands Imago and Sandwich graced the event along with hundreds of Filipino fans from different parts of the country. Cosplay performances, RO-inspired contests, and community-centric competitions like designing your own Ragnarok headgear and fan art were also held.

However, the four-hour event failed to aid the curiosity of the local hopefuls, as the festival had nothing to say about the game?s servers and launch date. The whole demonstration was just pure reunion with the past and a tease to Ragnarok Online?s upcoming rebirth in the country.

As of this writing, Ragnarok Online?s local website redirects to its Facebook page and no words on its availability yet.


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