Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Survey shows Filipino customers still lukewarm to chatbots

By Edd Usman

A worldwide study focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and bots recently shed light on customer expectations and how customer service providers (CSPs) can act to scale up the customer experience.

Daniel Horan, Amdocs chief digital officer and chief marketing officer. Photo by Edd K. Usman
Amdocs chief digital officer and chief marketing officer Dan Horan

The survey, titled “Humans vs. Machines: How to Stop Your Chatbot from Lagging Behind”, had a total of 7,200 respondents from North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. In the Philippines, the survey had more than 500 respondents with an ?almost equal mix? of male and female Filipinos who fall within the range of 18 to 74 years old. All respondents admitted to having interaction with chatbots at least monthly.

Among the results of the survey, it was shown that Filipino consumers had a high preference for female and funny chatbots, and revealed the consumers? struggle with the inability of chatbots to grasp complex requests, understand human emotions, and deliver personalized offers like humans can do.

If given a choice, 87 percent of the respondents said they still preferred human agents as ?they better understand their needs (83 percent) and can address multiple questions at once (63 percent).?

The survey also included decision-makers and C-level executives of premium telecommunication companies across the world, a third of which came from Asia Pacific.

Amdocs urged CSPs to pay more attention to their customers? preference on how chatbots should look like and behave.

?Chatbots offer a big opportunity for CSPs to embrace the whole AI and invest in making the customer experience more engaging, automated, personalized, contextualized, data-driven and, of course, in real-time,” said Daniel Horan, Amdocs chief digital officer and chief marketing officer for Asia Pacific.

Horan said chatbots can be used to leverage the customer experience, and at some point in the future, AI machines will actually be able to make human-like decisions. “AI is here today. It is not something fictional, it is not a movie. No turning back.”


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