Monday, May 27, 2024

Pocket role-playing game ‘NTales: Child of Destiny’ soft launches in PH

Philippine-based game publisher?OnPlay Corp launched a 2D Pocket role-playing game (RPG) ? the “NTales: Child of Destiny” on Wednesday, October 4. The game will be available in Southeast Asia and Australia.


This is the publisher’s second game following the shooter-crossover RPG ? “Rogue Life: Squad Goals”.

“NTales: Child of Destiny” follows the tales of what will happen to Kingdom of Lancia as Dr. Deff?s evil plan continues to bring chaos while the Child of Destiny saves the kingdom.?The game offers multitude of battles, exploration and special features.


Players shall save the kingdom with different sub-quests while exploring and defeating various monsters in over 200 maps. Users can collect and summon cute and powerful pets to fight along your side while challenging the Boss Dungeon with friends. This game also lets players to choose three special hero classes, various costumes, wings, and unique items.


RuleMkr, the development team behind this game, provides players an end-to-end MMO and RPG experience combining all features found in different 2D RPG games in one application.

NTales: Child of Destiny is now available on Google Play Store, and will be available on Apple’s App Store soon.


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