Sunday, April 14, 2024

Apacer partners with art firm for ‘A Planet of Dreams’ storage devices

Taiwanese digital storage manufacturer Apacer has linked up with P714, an illustration brand from the same country, to bring out three special edition of flash drives and external drive.

Apacer x P714_AH336-3_L

Running under the theme ?A Planet of Dreams,? the devices embody childlike illustrations with vivid energies and meaningful messages. “Take-off,” “Companionship,” and “Support,” for example, are about friendship and encouragement printed on the Apacer-P714 AH336 flash drives.

On the other hand, the AC233 ? an 1TB USB 3.1 Gen 1 external hard drive ? is themed with ?A Planet of Dreams,? leading everyone to wander in a colorful and warm planet. While the AC233 offers to keep a complete your data in its 1TB storage capacity, the AH336 flash drive has a strap hole that allows attachment to personal items.

Apacer x P714_AH336+AC233_1

Illustrators Patricia and Felix created the ?P714 Planet? with their imagination filled with innocent and warming feelings inspired by their childhood. They also hope that everyone can find their pure heart through the warming illustrations.

Apacer and P714 have not disclosed the local availability and pricing yet.


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