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Vivo Apex touts thinnest bezel-less design, retractable selfie camera

Smartphone brand Vivo has set new benchmarks in smartphone design following the unveiling of its newest concept smartphone ? the Vivo Apex carrying the brand’s Full View Display technology along with groundbreaking features.

The unveiling of the smartphone was streamed online during the 2018 Mobile World Congress [READ:?Vivo reveals concept smartphone with half-screen fingerprint scanner].

With the new model, Vivo reduced the bezels to 1.8 mm on the top and at the sides and 4.3 mm at the bottom with a screen size of 5.99 inches. The screen-to-body ratio may exceed 98% if the lower bezel is also reduced to 1.8 mm for an all-screen display experience.

Vivo Apex comes with the optical-based half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology ? the first in the world smartphone market. Users can touch any part of the bottom half of the screen to scan their fingerprints and unlock the phone.

It also introduced a new feature such as hiding the 8-megapixel elevating front camera in the APEX. It only pops out in 0.8 seconds when the selfie mode is activated.

Vivo also introduced the screen sound casting technology that transforms the device?s entire display into a speaker, taking out the need for a traditional, physical loudspeaker. The design maximizes the surface as an amplifier and minimizes the vibration of the screen. This technology, according to them, conserves power, reduces sound leakage, and optimizes low to high pitch sounds.

These “hard-to-miss and revolutionary breakthroughs in smartphone technology” made consumer tech writer Ben Sin call the Apex in his article on the Forbes as the ?truest all-screen display made, breaking Samsung?s or Apple?s promises.”


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