Saturday, March 2, 2024

Vivo to launch newest flagship smartphone this March 22

Following the success of the V7 and V7+, smartphone maker Vivo is set to launch its newest flagship smartphone this Thursday, Mar. 22.

Vivo said its newest smartphone promises consumers bigger and better offerings in their mobile phone experience. The company’s newest flagship smartphone includes a bigger display complemented by a full HD resolution, a sneak peak revealed. As the V7?s successor, the Game Mode feature is expected to still be onboard in the list of specifications along with the futuristic Face ID and fingerprint unlock component.

Consumers can expect that the new offering will retain all of the V7 and V7+’s features plus enhanced and updated specs for delivering selfies captured by artificial intelligence beautifying tools. Still carrying the “perfect selfie” brand, the camera is expected to rock a souped up HDR mode.

“The mobile phone industry awaits with bated breath as Vivo?s freshest charmer is out in the market. Although the specs are merely founded on speculations, one thing that is certain is Vivo will never disappoint,” Vivo said in a statement.


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