Sunday, May 26, 2024

EU-Singapore partnership to help PH firms comply with data privacy rules

The European Innovation, Technology and Science Center (EITSC) and Straits Interactive of Singapore on signed recently a partnership agreement that will bring to the Philippines Asean?s first technology-driven Data Protection Management System (DPMS) customized for the Data Privacy Act.

Photo shows EITSC president Henry Schumacher (third from left) and Straits Interactive chief executive officer Kevin Shepherdson (fourth from left) signing the partnership agreement. Joining them were EITSC?s Dominic Sabado and Dondi Mapa along with Angeline Shepherdson

The DPMS will complement EITSC?s advisory, consultancy, and training services for companies that are looking to be data privacy compliant. The system will allow data protection officers (DPO) from companies and organizations to demonstrate accountability and enable operational compliance in weeks rather than months.

?The EITSC is committed to providing world class data privacy protection and cyber security services in the Philippines,” EITSC president Henry Schumacher said. “This partnership with Straits Interactive comes at the right time, given the pressure to comply with the European Union?s General Data Protection Regulation and data privacy regulations in order to avoid data breaches. We look forward to making effective use of Straits Interactive?s DPMS which is a powerful productivity and management tool to manage the process of compliance with personal data protection laws,?

For his part, Straits Interactive chief executive officer Kevin Shepherdson said: ?There is now a huge shortage of data protection officers and expertise, especially in the ASEAN region where data protection laws are either currently being enforced or are about to be introduced. We developed the DPMS as a tool that will help data protection officers and security officials accelerate and sustain compliance with privacy rules and regulations by enhancing automation, collaboration and productivity. We are happy to join hands with EITSC in the delivery of advisory, consultancy and training services.?

Small and medium companies in particular will find the DPMS useful as most not have specialized in-house DPOs.

?The Data Privacy Act straddles across all sizes of companies. Not only large companies need automated tools to manage the compliance process. Small and medium enterprises need it also to track compliance across multiple lines of business and business entities,? Schumacher said.

The system provides organizations with a step-by-step approach that follows the five pillars of compliance recommended by the National Privacy Commission including the commitment to comply, knowledge of the risks, creation of a privacy program, demonstration of accountability, and preparedness.

In addition to the Philippines Data Privacy Act, the current version of the DPMS platform supports the European Union?s General Data Protection Regulation along with the Singapore and Malaysian data protection laws.

Outside of data privacy, the EITSC is also involved in the dualized training system for students, transition to management trainings, compliance, and ethics management.

Straits Interactive, one of the top 25 compliance solutions providers in the Asia Pacific region, delivers end-to-end governance, risk and compliance solutions especially in the area of data privacy and protection.


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