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BLOG | Personalization with AI: Business benefits

The importance of personalization has been well documented, and any successful business relies heavily on providing it.

It is also important to implement solutions that can guarantee user privacy. Solutions powered by machine learning currently are the optimal tool to achieve that. It can offer non-invasive and transparent data collection and usage methods that both provide information and appeal to the user.

Cost Reduction & Problem-Solving with AI

AI-based solutions can provide a lot of additional information that was unavailable before to network operators. For example, Device Identification can give a clear overview of a user?s network, all device behavior, as well as their specific properties, OS, and even AV agents.

Having access to that data allows making personalized recommendations that provide significant additional value. Network providers can go on to offer additional premium services, or possibly even to update an outdated software that could become a security issue later on.

That also means customer support can be easily taken to the next level. Since the CS staff will know exactly what the issue is, they will be able to handle it much more quickly and smoothly. Also, they can make sure the right person goes on to fix the problem should it require that.

It can allow customer support to be more proactive. Even if a client has not made a complaint yet, the staff can notice something is not working correctly and offer to help fix the issue. Handling situations like that can guarantee a much better positive experience.

Plus, problem prevention, fixing issues in the early stages, and sending the right technical team can all drastically reduce the costs. There is no need for second-guessing or being unable to identify the issue correctly, or sending staff that ultimately cannot help the client.

For network operators, such increased reliability and added value will mean decreased customer churn, as well as increased brand loyalty. When the competition is this tough, these things are incredibly important in order to retain a sizeable customer base.

Field-Testing AI-Based Solutions

Personalization has been shown to increase sales by 10% and deliver 5-8x the ROI on marketing spend. A recent Accenture study found that “poor personalization and lack of trust cost U.S. organizations $756 billion last year, as 41% of consumers switched companies”.

At CUJO AI, we tested our solutions and asked more than 2,600 customers to participate in a survey. We asked them about our features, how useful the participants found them, and what mattered to them the most.

More than half (59%) rename their devices to their preference. Even more than that – 64.5% – prefer personalized recommendations. For example, “update your device software,” or “change your router’s password.”

Nearly half (46.4%) of respondents consider assigning devices to a profile valuable. This feature can allow setting time schedules, blocking or filtering inappropriate content, or even applications for each family member.

Using AI-powered Device Identification can bring significant value to many businesses. It can help reduce ARPU, decrease customer churn, and offer additional value all while reducing costs. In order to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution, it is imperative to leverage solutions that can give business the edge it needs to triumph.

The author is the vice president for Asia-Pacific at CUJO AI

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