Sunday, April 14, 2024

PH gov’t bares prototype app for business registration

The government has developed a prototype application that will allow new business registrants to apply for business permits using a mobile phone.

DTI secretary Ramon M. Lopez

“We are pleased to report that business registration at your fingertips will soon be a reality,” said Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) secretary Ramon M. Lopez, who is also the chair of the Ease of Doing Business/Anti-Red Tape Advisory Council (EODB/ARTAC).

“A multidisciplinary team composed of private/public sector representatives from DTI, DICT, SEC, QC LGU, and PhilHealth, with help from our friends from New Zealand Creative HQ, has just finished a prototype that enables end-to-end business registration on a mobile device. We are happy to note that the prototype is a viable concept. But more tests are being completed in order to further validate.”

Since July, the DTI has organized a series of Design Sprints workshop and successfully developed a prototype for a portal on LGU information, and a framework on the Philippine Business Number (PHBN).

The Design Sprints Team created a streamlined process for business registration, providing an opportunity for the Philippines to become one of the first countries to adopt a business registration process that can be completed (end-to-end) on a smartphone.

The One Central Business Portal is being developed as an alternative registration channel that is easy to use. Lopez said this will significantly reduce the time, steps, and costs plus the inconvenience of business registration particularly for micro, small, and medium enterprises.

The One Central Business Portal is also expected to make it easier for someone wanting to start a new business in the Philippines by consolidating government requirements in one application form. By making the portal available online and through the mobile phone, registration is available now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Through the development of the portal, someone interested in putting a new corporation will no longer have to visit and transact with several government agencies separately. It also spares the applicant from having to contend with numerous interactions, as well as queues to obtain a service.

“We do not just automate the process but transform the way government is doing business by offering a feasible, viable and desirable solution for the customer. The exercise we did this week reengineered the ?starting a business process using a whole of government approach,” Lopez said.

The DTI chief said that in accordance with RA 11032, the agency will turn over the prototypes for the One Central Business Portal, including the framework of the Philippine Business Number (PHBN) and the end-to-end registration to the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) for possible integration with other government systems.

Under the law, the DICT will be primarily responsible in establishing, operating and maintaining a central business portal or other similar technology, said Lopez.


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