Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Google Flights launches in PH to aid Pinoy travelers

Starting Wednesday, Dec. 18, Google Flights is now available in Google Search to make it easier for Filipinos to find travel inspiration and search for the best available flight options.

Users can simply type “Flights to Osaka” or, go directly to Google Flights to compare and book flights in Philippine Peso — from a mobile device, tablet or desktop.

With Google Flights, users can easily compare flight options based on their preferred dates, pricepoint, airlines, connecting airports or even explore flying to alternate airports.

To help make planning for their trip even easier, users can get tips on potential flight delays, explore travel guides, and also get quick access to all of their reservations via the Google Trips app.

For some weekend getaway inspiration, users can try using Explore on Google Flights to get ideas on where to go based on popular destinations or activities you want to do.

If they want to get away for a holiday next month just choose “January” and a trip duration like “2 weeks” to see the dates with the lowest prices to visit each place.

Once they select their departure and return dates, they’ll be presented with a list of ?Best departing flights? which represents the best tradeoff of convenience and price.

Before they select a specific flight, they may see a notification bar with tips on how to find the best price for this route. If they are still unsure about making that booking, users can choose to track a flight and receive email notifications to monitor price changes and travel tips.


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