Monday, April 22, 2024

AWS cloud training event marks 2nd year with more PH locations

Cloud computing purveyor Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be hosting the AWS Siklab Pilipinas for the second consecutive year and will be expanding from Manila to Cebu and Davao, as well as some parts of Luzon, to extend its reach as a large-scale cloud technology training event to more students and educators.

“What we’re doing is we are connecting content to students and we are connecting students to jobs through this program,” said Vincent Quah, worldwide public sector regional head of AWS Asia Pacific and Japan. “It is really about teaching tomorrow’s cloud workforce today.  What we provide is an open-course content. Any institution can use the content that’s part of the program and incorporate into their teaching content and their teaching curriculum.”

All throughout May to December this year, the trainings will involve global AWS programs that include the AWS Educate which provides a wide array of learning content, resources, and even AWS Promotional Credits for students and educators to acquire cloud computing skills, as well as the AWS Training & Certification program that enables instructor-led training for educators to prepare students for AWS Certification.

According to Quah, apart from the AWS program, the activities will include a cloud computing bootcamp for the theoretical part, the gamified hackathon competition AWS GameDay where students can apply the cloud technology skills they’ve learned and solve a set of challenges that occur in real-life scenarios, and then the students building and deploying a real web application. These are considered as the three key components of Siklab.

“It’s about giving students real hands-on experience using a production, world-class cloud. We have one generic foundation cloud computing module and we have additional eleven learning pathways for specific job routes like data scientists, software development engineers, application development engineers, cloud security specialists, machine learning specialists and so on,” Quah explained.

Based on the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey, mobile Internet and cloud technology are at the top among the leading technological drivers of change. Processing power, Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT) follow closely behind.

“If you think very hard about all these different drivers, many of them, need the cloud. With a fixed amount infrastructure that any company may have, they actually don’t know how they can scale up to do a big data analysis. The volume of data is now beginning to get bigger and bigger every year,” shared Quah.

Aside from the aforementioned activities, the last day of the training event will involve a job fair where the participants can be introduced to employment opportunities with AWS customers and partners like Globe Telecom and Stratpoint.

“As we build cloud-native applications, we’re seeing higher and better performance running these applications in the cloud. We are seeing that eight in ten homes still have no broadband to this day, ten percent of communities have no mobile coverage, and forty percent of people don’t have Internet access. So this is the challenge that we are constantly trying to bridge,” said Francis Arjonillo, Cloud financial analyst at Globe Telecom.

Globe partnered up with AWS since 2014 and has been considered as AWS’ largest customer in the Philippines. “Our vision for the next few years is to be able to provide everyone with faster Internet at 50mbps at the minimum,” added Arjonillo.

Stratpoint, also a customer of AWS, is a software services company offers software development solutions for the digital transformation journeys of their client companies.

“From the start, we’ve been using cloud technology, specifically AWS. The traditional enterprises are being disrupted. We see it happening everywhere and our mission is to help enterprises become agile and be able to execute new business models. To do this at a rapid pace, we develop these apps on the cloud,” shared Mary Rose dela Cruz, CEO of Stratpoint Technologies Inc.

“Almost anything that you want to run, is already running, or in your data center, you can actually run it in AWS. We have customers from over 190 countries and millions of active users across the world,” said Quah. “If you think about Amazon Web Services, you think about the cloud. The cloud is now a very common way to describe how you consume IT services. It is really about IT services, infrastructure services, and offering that to businesses. We started that back in 2006.”


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