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This mobile app will alert you if there’s an incoming vehicle on the road

By Ram Superable Agustin

Harnessing the power of the mobile phone to bring safety on the road, a mobile app called Croxtec was launched recently by a local startup company.

Photo shows Debbie Anne G. Macariola-St. John (4th from left), the creator of the app, with other guests during the launch

Croxtec is designed to alert both the pedestrian and motorist of their safety status on the road. Pedestrians will be alerted if a vehicle is nearby, which is determined by the Croxtec Zones.

The Croxtec Zones consist of the Safe Zone wherein the pedestrian is within a radius of 25 meters or more to the vehicle, Caution Zone when 16-25 meters away, and the Unsafe Zone for less than 16 meters away.

Pedestrian safety has been a major concern in the Philippines and in Metro Manila alone, at least 200 road collisions and over 34 deaths occur on a daily basis.

The Croxtec app, which only runs on a data connection and operates in the background so users can still open other apps simultaneously, will be available initially for Android devices. Plans to develop an iOS version are already in the works.

Once the app is downloaded, users can log in either as a pedestrian or a driver and it will then automatically locate the user and give out alerts if they are in the corresponding Croxtec Zones.

The app is the brainchild of Debbie Anne G. Macariola-St. John and is the flagship product of Djanco Information Technology Solutions, a technology ventures company.

According to Macariola-St. John, Filipino pedestrians are often glued to their mobile devices or listening to music while crossing the streets, making vulnerable to accidents.

“I created Croxtec to avoid impending collision, road crash, broken bones, and the hassle of having to spend so much money and time for recovery. If you look around, it’s undeniable that our world has not only changed, but is continuously changing. The demands of a technologically forward world means conducting business even as you walk,” shared the Filipina balikbayan who was also a former automotive industry executive. 

Macariola-St. John said the app is more efficient and effective if there is a significant number of local users. She said they have tested the app in two major thoroughfares in Metro Manila prior to the launch.


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