Thursday, April 18, 2024

Local firm sets up medical simulation facility in PH

By Joel D. Pinaroc

The Philippine Medical Depot (PMD) has established a simulation facility for medical schools in the Philippines.

Photo shows the Anatomage Table, which is exclusively distributed by Zammeds, one of the locators in the Philippine Medical Depot. The Anatomage is a virtual dissecting table that utilizes technology for medical education practices

According to the PMD, the simulator is the first for the Philippines and is similar to an existing facility found in Taiwan. The simulator is located at the PMD center in Quezon City.

The simulator can now be used by Philippine-based medical schools, said Dr. Luis Ramon Rodriguez, president of PMD.

Some of the major technologies featured in the medical simulator facility are virtual dissecting table and virtual reality solutions that medical students and faculties can use.

These solutions “allow medical students to assess, diagnose, develop care plans, and evaluate client progress, with real-time feedback and scoring to hone their skills. Over the years, medical simulation has been proven to minimize patients harm while improving the quality of care.”

Rodriguez said the medical simulator can be a cost-effective tool for medical schools, although the use of the simulator might entail investment.

Rodriguez added there are now many privately-funded medical schools in the country that have shown interest in the facility, although PMD hopes that public medical schools will also take a look at the facility.

The simulator can also be an invaluable learning tool for students, faculties, and even seasoned doctors, thus the investment will be well worth it, Rodriguez said.

The PMD center in Quezon City meanwhile also houses medical equipment and solutions providers. The center “offers a one-stop-shop for medical equipment seen all year round in one particularly strategic location.”

According to the PMD, this “is the first in the Philippines where the idea is to house most of the famous brands in the medical industry in just one place. This will help ease the procurement for institutions by creating a database with partners who are experts in equipment servicing, medical waste management, hospital planning and solutions provisions, and a lot more.”

The PMD recently conducted a locator event for medical supply companies held last week at the 3rd floor of the NBS Bldg. along Quezon Avenue, corner Scout Borromeo St, Diliman, Quezon City, where 38 companies participated.


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