Sunday, April 14, 2024

Honasan taps Rio as DICT undersecretary for operations

Former Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) acting secretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr. has taken his oath as undersecretary for operations..

Former DICT acting secretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr. (left) taking his oath of office before newly appointed DICT secretary Gringo Honasan

Rio’s appointment paper was released by Malacanang on Monday, July 1, but formally took oath of office before DICT secretary Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan on Tuesday, July 2, at the DICT office in Quezon City.

Rio is so far the only top appointive official whom Honasan has so far publicly announced as part of his official family at the DICT.

“I am happy to receive this new assignment. Like a good soldier, I will follow orders,” Rio said in a statement.

Rio said he will continue the programs and projects close to his heart like the operation of new major player, common tower initiative, and proposed new election automation system, among others.

Honasan has earlier said that he will continue what Rio started. “You have now two lolos to help you manage the newest department, so let’s help each other for the country and for our most precious and strategic resources – our children,” he said.

Incidentally, the 71-year old Honasan revealed that the 74-year old Rio is his baptismal godbrother, childhood friend and mentor at the Philippine Military Academy.

Honasan is set to oversee DICT’s initiatives such as the operation of the new major telco player, Free Public Wi-Fi, National Broadband, and the country’s cybersecurity initiative, among others.

“Expect our best. With so much good will and technical competence, we are going to harness this. It’s the Filipino people who should expect our best,” Honasan added.


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