Saturday, April 20, 2024

Pinoy ‘self-improvement’ app SIF posts impressive growth

A local mobile app is getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to eliminate travel and waiting time just to avail grooming and wellness services.

SIF founder Luigi Nuñez

On-demand/by-appointment self-improvement solution SIF has made home-service accessible to anyone with a few swipes in their mobile phones.

Within a span of six months since it was first launched, SIF has grown from just two partner independent contractors to a 300-strong combined force of partner establishments and independent contractors.

Behind the app is Luigi Nuñez, known as founder of world-renowned beer chilling system Beer Below Zero (BBZ), which holds the distinction of being one of the first Filipino start-ups to breach the $10-million valuation.

“What used to be a 20-minute drive has now become over an hour for most parts of the day. Multiplied over the number of errands or services that one would need to have over the course of a month, these minutes and hours on the road do add up to unproductive time,” Nuñez explained.

Nuñez’ first investment in the tech space provides a solution to the challenges faced by consumers in today’s hectic and stressful environment. 

“While SIF’s main goal has always been to provide everyone a way to escape the hassles of Metro traffic, a detraction that makes people realize that 24 hours a day is sometimes not enough for all the errands and needs we travel for.  In effect, what SIF provides its users is access to the most valuable commodity — time,” Nuñez added.

In its next iteration, expected to launch by mid-September of this year, SIF will undergo a major update that will then include various home services for the betterment of one’s self:

  • SIF Health (diagnostics, drips, chiropractors),
  • SIF Beauty and Wellness (massage, body scrubbing, hair and makeup),
  • SIF Nutrition (dieticians, nutritionists, meal planners),
  • SIF Fashion (stylists, personal shoppers, tailoring, haberdashery),
  • SIF Fitness (personal trainers, yoga instructors),
  • SIF Care (physical therapists, sports therapists),
  • SIF Skills (personal coaches, executive coaches, tutors).

The app will also have an e-commerce aspect where users will be able to purchase products from Davines, Tigi, Bedhead and Scrub by Talulah among the growing list of brand partners.

SIF’s business model has caught the attention of international investors. The company is said to be valued now at $1.5 million because of the milestones it was able to achieve in six months and its potential to scale up and expand to other markets rapidly.

“The secret sauce to SIF’s tremendously fast growth was the ability to pivot from being an independent entity to synergizing with existing establishments who wanted to add a revenue stream by offering home services. Why compete when we can synergize?” Nuñez revealed. 

With SIF expected to grow even more in the next few months, Nuñez has already lined up four more app-based projects and is working on a timeline that will see them available in the market by next year.


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