Thursday, June 20, 2024

Recruitment website reports sharp demand for Pinoy domestic workers in Saudi, a free recruitment platform for domestic workers seeking work abroad, has disclosed that demand from Saudi Arabia for Filipino housemaids has spiked tremendously.

According to the site, over 10,000 new job posts from Saudi employers were recorded in less than three days. This development came following this year’s launching of a new service by the Saudia Arabian Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

Called “Maaroufah,” the new service makes recruitment easier for employers by slashing charges to half. It also allows the employer to acquire a visa for his or her hired domestic worker. The whole recruitment process will usually be completed within 45 days.

Migrant domestic workers have been plagued by problems for years due to exploitative recruitment agencies and abusive employers. These agencies slap them with high, illegal fees while many employers subject them to inhumane treatment once hired. To start with, domestic workers cannot choose their employers.

Established in 2012, comes to the aid of domestic workers while easing the process of hiring one for those who need them.

Aside from cutting charges to half for job advertisers, the platform has also begun implementing an ethical charter which employers from Saudi Arabia must sign.

Among others, the charter requests that Internet access be provided to the worker to open up communication channels between the worker and The inclusion of an ethical charter will help promote the welfare of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia by ensuring good living and working conditions for them.

The site also allows for easy and direct job matching between employer and worker. With over 3,000 verified domestic helper profiles posted on the site, potential employers may sift through them to find not just the right person for the job but also the perfect fit for the job provider and his or her family. They will also have complete control over the interview phase and screening process.

In the same way, the huge number of job ads posted, not to mention the increasing demand from Saudi Arabia, gives the worker a wide range of choices to find his or her desired employer. also said it is poised to implement a new direct salary payment system in 2020. This will guarantee that monthly salaries provided meet the legal requirement of $400.

The first social impact startup designed to remove placement fees and human trafficking activities, HelperChoice has facilitated more than 50,000 recruitments. It is also estimated to have saved more than 60 million euros in illegal placement fees.


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