Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Local IT firm boosts services with enterprise-grade Microsoft biz system

Local IT solutions provider Kation Technologies recently inked a partnership with software titan Microsoft to provide Microsoft 365 Dynamics Business Central System — which promises increased financial visibility and optimized supply chain processes — to its clients.

Jimmy Damian, IT director of Goldilocks Bakeshop (with mic), shares his organization’s journey to the cloud and why he thinks organizations should make the shift. Photo credit: Kation Technologies

Kation Technologies’ clients are all over the Asia Pacific region, with company catering to organizations that are seeking to transform their business models using the best systems and platforms.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, companies can accelerate financial processes and track their performance in real-time. While being able to keep the integrity for compliance and security, the platform also enhances the users’ accuracy in forecasting with an additional management option through Outlook from the start to finish stages in their sales processes.

When it comes to supply chain use, the platform helps users maximize profitability through the end-to-end handling of operations, tracking manufacturing, inventory, warehouse management, and even purchasing.

Kation Technologies roster of IT and ERP experts are also able to provide consultative solutions for the ERP systems — whether legacy or already undergoing digital transformation. As such, companies can take advantage of Microsoft and Google platforms that target workforce productivity increase by combining the “best of digital with the reality of the physical”.

“We imagine things to be paper. We put it in a folder, we put that folder in a drawer, the drawer in a cabinet, the cabinet in a room. Cloud doesn’t work like that. Cloud works like this: I put this paper in one drawer, or a server, and if one server fails I still can recollect everything 99.9%,” said Andoni Albert, CEO of Kation Technologies.

According to Albert, on-premise is secure because organizations can take care of their own data. If anything happens to their own servers, accountability is assured. When it comes to disaster recovery, data security, and data redundancy, these aspects are assured in the physical world. The advantage of the SaaS version, however, is that these aspects are readily available in every cloud instance.

“I don’t think it’s our intention to deliberately tell people to move capex to opex. I think the opportunity is that because there is the cloud and the nature of technology is always moving, we’re saying why get stuck on technology by bringing out capex investments. The main focus for us is really leverage on the cloud; the cloud is more than just the ERP investment. The cloud is everything else you can unlock,” Albert explained.

Kation Technologies joined the Ayala Group ICT Summit in partnership with Microsoft Corporation last year. They emphasized that they provide solutions that help management stay updated on customer experience and employees through real-time reports that influence on-the-fly business decisions.


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