Friday, May 31, 2024

Poly unveils 2 enterprise headsets with noise-canceling feature

Poly — the rebranding after Plantronics and Polycom’s merger — recently showcased two new product offerings that they plan to market in the Philippine BPO industry.

Samir Sayed, managing director of Poly ASEAN and Korea

The Savi 8220 and the Savi 8210 are touted as the first digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) headsets to come with an active noise canceling (ANC) feature in the Philippines, especially within the enterprise headset market. They make it possible for users to work efficiently even in noisy and disruptive environments.

According to Poly’s director of product marketing for personal solutions Tamara Lane, their target users are those who need the ability to focus, even at open offices that facilitate collaboration. For use cases that require independent focus, the challenge to stay in the zone is vital. “We updated our Savi 8200 Office Series headsets to better address these needs,” she noted.

Some of the key features include close conversation limiting and ANC, an extended wireless range, multi-device connectivity, and even a unit management software. The 8200 Office Series uses active noise cancelling that enables users to only hear the voice of person they are speaking to while other background external noise is muted.

The headsets are also usable even while walking since it supports a wireless office range of up to 180 feet, which can be extended to 590 feet if there is nothing blocking the line of sight from the base. For users with different wearing preferences, the 8220 is a stereo product while the 8210 is for those who prefer mono audio. Both can connect not just with desk phones, but mobiles and PCs as well.

For remote management of the units in an office environment, Poly provides the Plantronics Manager Pro sold in a software-as-a-service model. With this, IT teams can track any product on the Savi 8200 Office Series to streamline headset deployment and other processes like implementing device firmware updates and even policy compliance. In a panel Q&A, the company’s representatives explained that the SaaS model is targeting medium to large-scale enterprises.

“Poly has been at the heart of collaboration and productivity with our extensive end-to-end portfolio of enterprise-grade video, desk phones, and headsets,” explained Samir Sayed, managing director of Poly Asean and Korea. “The contact center is a crucial vehicle by which a company delivers on its customer experience strategy.”

“As contact centers in the Philippines are looking to transform the customer experience through technology, we are committed to delivering the best solutions and highest voice quality to support their efforts to provide the best possible service for their customers,” Sayed added.


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