Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sophos plans to recruit more for PH office

UK-based cybersecurity firm Sophos will be ramping up recruitment drives in the Philippines, saying the local cybersecurity workforce is capable of competing globally.

Sophos chief information officer Tony Young

Tony Young, Sophos chief information officer, said the company’s plans to hire and develope more Filipino cybersecurity professionals is directly linked to its goal of providing the IT professionals a viable career in the industry.

Young quoted Mark Zuckerberg who famously said that in their industry bubble, it is important to “move fast and break things.” 

Since Sophos’ operations requires that similar quality, the company said it needs a workforce willing to move at a quicker rate while taking calculated risks in line with world-class business practices. 

In its entirety, the organization operates as a remote and mobile company. Young mentioned that roughly half of their workforce do not even stay at the confines of the office when accomplishing work-related tasks and responsibilities. 

“As a CIO, I have a home office, and I go in to the office maybe 2-3 times a month. We have an empowered culture where people can work and operate effectively at home,” he said.

With the local team led by John Hackett, Young believes that since the current industry landscape has been generating an increase in demand, they have will have an easier time recruiting talents.

“Our recruiting efforts have gone quite well. People are finding that Sophos is a great company to work for — one with great culture. They are finding just how we support the local market, and people feel comfortable working for our company,” Young said. 

Sophos also keeps a high retention rate since they do rotations; a two-week period where they send out Filipino employees to their headquarters in the UK, an activity that they consider unique from other employers. 

“We’re also coming back at the end of January to host a workshop for local IT professionals discussing what’s it like to work in Silicon Valley and how we can bring Silicon Valley to the Philippines,” he added.

Young believes that it’s all about expectations. If expectations for people are set, they will surprise their leaders and rise to the occasion. He already sees it in their own group and they operate very differently. He nodded to the fact that Sophos is not a command-and-control environment. 

“We are a meritocracy and that’s how Silicon Valley works. It’s not promoted based on your years of experience or who you know, but on the results you’ve achieved and how you achieved them,” he said.


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