Thursday, June 20, 2024

MU Online to release Season 14.2 on SEA and Maya servers

The 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) MU Online is set to unveil its Season 14 Part 2 update this September 24, bringing in a new playable class, expanded maps, rare items, and refreshed questing systems.


Since its release last March, MU Online has attracted the interest of both veterans and newbies to explore the continent of MU. The developers have established weekly player versus player (PVP) and guild battle events to retain activity from its growing user pool.

Season 14.2 introduces a new class called Rune Mage, the unholy offspring of a warlock and a fairy. According to its backstory, the Rune Mage lived a peaceful existence despite being shunned by society. It began its quest for vengeance after becoming the sole survivor from a Lemuria Legion attack.

The character is free-to-play and will consume energy for offense-based spells. Although it has lower health and defense stats, it compensates with the ability to cast up to two wide area-of-effect (aoe) spells simultaneously. Its signature weapons include the Rune Mace and El Haz Shield and uses Warlock skills like Energy Ball and Fireball. Spells like Magic Arrow, Plasma Ball, and Lightning Storm are exclusive to her.

The Cubera Mines and Abyss Atlan maps are also added to the game, offering a new set of challenges to accomplish and loot to be scored. The patch also includes a raised level cap of up to 1150, new in-game armor and weapons like level 700 and 750 Ancestral Earrings and level 900 Awakened Soul Weapons.

With multitasking and gaming setups in mind, MU Online will also be baring the Switch Scroll function to enable players in utilizing less resources when switching from work-related platforms and the game itself. Players now also have the chance to forge their own Phantasmal Seed through the new Guardian System.

As part of the festivities in heralding the new large update, there will be event-based prizes when players accumulate 80 hours of gameplay until October 1, or participate in the Rune Mage Level Race and be the highest ranking player in their respective servers.


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