Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Signify doubles down on 2025 corporate goals

Lighting systems manufacturer Signify — formerly known as Philips Lighting — has announced that it has achieved carbon neutrality across its global operations and is utilizing 100% renewable electricity. While on route in delivering its 2020 commitments, the company also reinforced its mission towards positive environmental impact by announcing its 2025 goals.


Since 2010, the company said it has already cut more than 70% of operational emissions by leveraging on energy-saving technologies, sustainable and optimized transport and logistics, and two key power purchase agreements with firms in Texas and Poland.

 According to the Climate Group’s CEO Helen Clarkson, the 2020s are the Climate Decade since global emissions need to be cut in half, following the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Clarkson cited Signify for setting an example to other companies and their respective net zero targets.

“We would like to congratulate Signify on their fantastic achievement of carbon neutrality across all operations in 2020. We have been working in partnership with Signify for over 10 years to accelerate the global adoption of energy efficient LED lighting and through Signify’s support of RE100 and EV100,” Clarkson added.

RE100 pertains to the global initiative of urging influential businesses in making the 100% renewable electricity commitment. EV100 also shares the basic principle of RE100, but specifically tackles the adoption of electric vehicles and targets electric transport to become the new normal by 2030.

Signify aims to go beyond carbon neutrality and commits to a significant carbon emissions reduction across its entire value chain by 2025 through a more energy efficient portfolio. The company is also optimistic in reaching a 32% increase in revenues on recyclable products, systems, and services. Signify’s circular products ranges from 3D printed luminaires to streetlights made of reusable components.

“This is not a time to pause and celebrate, but a time to become even more ambitious and accelerate our efforts to address these challenges. Growth for sustainability and providing a great place to work are firmly anchored as central parts of our company strategy. This means that when it comes to sustainability, we will go beyond carbon neutrality and double our positive impact on the environment and on society in 2025,” said Signify CEO Eric Rondolat.

Beyond operations and productions, Signify said it plans to increase support in developing sustainable cities and even off-grid communities through solar lanterns and renewable home lighting systems, strides in water UV purification, and livestock and crop production. Included in the doubling down initiative is strengthening diversity and safety in Signify’s workforce through the Signify Foundation.

“I’m extremely proud of all the Signify employees and thank them for supporting our carbon neutrality objective. It is a truly significant achievement for us and we call on many others to join us. However, the world is still facing demographic change, urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity,” Rondolat added.


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