Monday, May 27, 2024

Pinoy startup making waves globally with indoor air quality technology

By focusing on health matters, a Filipino startup has found growth in the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

uHoo founder and CEO Dustin Jefferson S. Onghangseng

“Health and safety have been neglected by majority of employers, landlords, and building owners for the longest time. The Covid-19 pandemic has put this in the spotlight and accelerated the movement towards healthy workplaces and healthy buildings. Healthy workplaces and healthy buildings are no longer just empty buzzwords, it is the bare minimum required of employers and landlords,” Dustin Jefferson S. Onghangseng, founder and CEO of uHoo said in an online interview with Newsbytes.PH.

He added uHoot experienced growth as demand for their product uHoo Virus Index went up in the global market.

Onghangseng noted that uHoo posted an almost five-fold increase in units deployed in the last 12 months driven by strong “healthy home” and “healthy building” demand by governments, schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, kitchens, and offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

uHoo monitors nine air quality parameters and provides data, alerts, insights, and recommendations via the uHoo mobile app.

He added the unique technology of the uHoo Virus Index provides real-time assessment on the risk of viruses surviving in the home or workspace.

The “uHoo Virus Index” is a patent-pending technology that uses the power of air quality data to help customers know how to reduce Covid-19 risk in the home or workplace and optimize air quality for better health.

Using an analysis of five air factors which include Temperature, Relative Humidity, PM2.5, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide, the “uHoo Virus Index” can let a user know the survival risk and airborne transmission risk of Covid-19, and how to address it when there is higher risk.

The Filipino-born technopreneur said uHoo has grown its customer base across different vertical industries worldwide providing solutions to hundreds of commercial and government clients to enable healthy schools, healthy offices, healthy hospitals, healthy restaurants, healthy transport hubs and healthy communities globally. This includes data insights, dashboards, apps, alerts, and integrations with building management systems (BMS).

Some the startup’s recent clients include Capitaland, CDL, GIC, Gammon Construction, Schiphol Airport, HK Baptist University, and the governments of Holland, the USA, and Australia, among others. It is present in 40 countries worldwide.

Onghangseng said uHoo recently launched its home and residential solution on Lazada in the Philippines to enable Filipinos to access it much more easily. Some of the local clients of uHoo include NEO Offices, Accenture, and JG Summit, among others.

Meanwhile, uHoo managed to attract new investors during its recent fund raising event in Singapore. Wavemaker Partners, with Enterprise Singapore, was the biggest investor. The funding round was oversubscribed by 50%.

“I am excited to be working with Dustin and uHoo team, as they accelerate growth in this $180-billion air health and healthy buildings market,” said Steve Melhuish, Venture Partner at Wavemaker Partners and co-founder of PropertyGuru Group in a press statement.


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