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Accenture adopts ‘Let there be change’ tagline in biggest brand move in decade

In what it said is its biggest brand move in a decade, tech firm Accenture has launched a sweeping brand campaign and new company purpose designed to embrace change.

Accenture Philippines country managing director Lito Tayag

The new brand campaign, “Let there be change,” will see the company triple its annual media spending to $90 million. The campaign depicts change — both seismic and small — as a major catalyst that reflects the depth and breadth of Accenture’s expertise.

“Exponential changes in technology were transforming the way we work and live before Covid-19, and now its impact has raised change to a new level, requiring companies to reimagine everything and requiring economies and entire industries to rebuild,” said Julie Sweet, chief executive officer of Accenture. “In this moment, to emerge stronger there is only one choice: embrace change and ensure that it benefits all — your customers, people, shareholders, partners and communities.”

Lito Tayag, country managing director of Accenture in the Philippines, said during a media briefing that company’s strategy will revolve around the new campaign in the post-Covid world.

Tayag said the pandemic has initiated a host of changes in the way business is being done even inside Accenture. In fact, he said majority of its local workforce are now in work-from-home setups.  

As a crucial part of the strategy, the company is pioneering the “360° Value”— to help clients transform and reinvent their businesses, reskill their employees, or become more sustainable.

This builds on Accenture’s rotation to “the New,” with approximately 70 percent of its business now in digital, cloud and security, which is critical at a time when scale matters to help its clients transform their entire enterprises. 

Accenture said it intends to tap the ingenuity and talent of its 500,000 people in use technology to deliver value for all its stakeholders.

Last year, Accenture said it invested nearly $900 million in training and development, $1.5 billion in acquisitions, and approximately $900 million in research and development.

Accenture also recently announced the creation of Accenture Cloud First, a new multi-service group of 70,000 cloud professionals, with a $3 billion investment over three years.

“We are following the same advice we give our clients in this time of relentless change: act with great agility and boldness,” said Amy Fuller, chief marketing and communications officer, Accenture. “Our new campaign captures our purpose and gives voice to a mission-critical issue: How can we help our clients embrace change to better businesses, communities, and lives?”

The brand campaign launches simultaneously across all of Accenture’s internal and external digital properties, through television and online advertising, including social media campaigns across the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

The new creative leverages the Accenture symbol — “>” — which has been part of the company’s logo for more than 20 years, and will affect every touch point.

“From a creative perspective, this was a massively exciting brief and opportunity,” said David Droga, founder and creative chairman of Droga5, which co-developed the campaign. “More than just creating a new purpose and campaign, we worked closely with leadership teams, people and clients around the world at every step to help shape the future of our company. This marks a bold evolution for all of us at Accenture.”

Acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2019, Droga5 is a globally creative agency that has been named agency of the decade by both Advertising Age and Adweek.  

Accenture is currently ranked number 31 on Interbrand’s ranking of the top 100 global brands, with a brand value of over $16.2 billion. That represents more than a 212% increase in value since 2002, when the company debuted at number 53 on the Interbrand ranking.


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