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PH squad wins ‘Marvel Super War’ SEA Invitational 2020

After a grueling two-month showdown between Southeast Asian teams in the Marvel Super War Arena, Filipino group Imperium Pro Team (IPT) rose as victors in an all-Filipino finals last Friday, November 6.

Imperium Pro Team wins Marvel Super War SEA Invitational 2020

Along with runners-up NMD Rage and Tuby, Imperium will receive the lion’s share of the Top Clans 2020 Marvel Super War SEA Invitational’s $20,000 prize pool.

During the deciding match (19-4) in a best of seven finals showdown, IPT utilized a Sandman-Deadpool-Gambit-Emma Stone- Antman team comp against NMD’s Black Knight-Star Lord-Iron Man-Hulk-Captain America. IPT’s xSpe4r dished out the most damage with Gambit at around 43.6K to enemy heroes and 17.1K to enemy turrets.

The Finals MVP award was also given to IPT’s own mid-laner and shot-caller xLight with 154 MVP points, a K/D/A ratio of 12/1/12, and kill participation at 73% or three-out-of-four team fights. xLight used the mobile and large damage dealer Deadpool during the last match.

The FMVP award was based on who attained the bests stats and scored highest during the live fan voting which contributed to 25% of the overall tally. The matches were available through the eGG network which is available in the Philippines on Cignal TV and 5Plus.

Before the final stage, Imperium Pro Team has been rampaging on the earlier bracket matches with a recorded least death percentage, most KOs, and quickest wins. IPT previously battled against NMD Rage during the upper bracket and entered the finals with only two losses on its record.


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