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REVIEW | Omron electronic nerve stimulator

In keeping with the theme of 2020 and the “at home” mode that most of the world is in, were decided to check out the electronic nerve stimulator from Omron. This is yet another self-help, health, and comfort device that you can use comfortably at home to give your body stimulation that is similar to physiotherapy.

The Package

The packaging is a simple cardboard box with illustrations on the device’s features and some usage notes. As for contents, it includes the primary battery-powered pulse generating device which is like a remote, cables between the device and the pads, a pair of sticky pads, some documentation, a soft black carry case, and a pair of AAA batteries.

Design and Ergonomics

The main device which is shaped like a remote has a decent fit and finish. It’s neither flimsy nor premium feeling. It has various buttons to control the operation of the device and has a screen at the top which indicates the selections made. The screen type is similar to that of an air-conditioner remote. It’s comfortable to hold in the hand and easy enough to operate.

A cable with a clip is provided, which connects to the top of the remote device, and similar to an earphone cable splits into two, connecting to each of the provided pads. The pads have button style clamping areas that the cable fastens to. The sides of the pad which make contact with your skin are soft and jelly-like. For storage, a plastic plate is provided to keep the pads attached when not in use.

Features and Performance

Based on the region being stimulated, there are different suggested massage courses, including combinations of Tap, Push, and Rub. Intensity can be controlled in 10 steps; I personally found anything more than five steps too much. Powering the device is a pair of AAA batteries, which are included.

There are preset timer modes, to limit and control too much stimulation for a single area.

Needless to say, some caution and care are required during use. Due to the electrical stimulation, you need to ensure to keep the device dry and water-free. The resulting sensation was in fact very similar to physiotherapy administered at a clinic.

Value and Competition

At an SRP of P3,698, it’s moderately priced for the ease and functionality it offers.  We purchased it from the official Omron store on Shoppee, which charges P4,500 for it. But other resellers offer it for less. There are also other similar devices available, with some of the same functionality, at slightly differing price points.

Closing Words

If you’re someone who is big on massages and other forms of physical relaxation, this electronic nerve stimulator might serve you well. In addition to its physiotherapy sorta relief, it can offer day-to-day muscle relaxation as well via pulsation patterns.

  • Model: HV-F128
  • Price: P 3,698
  • Verdict: Physiotherapy in the comfort of your home, with a remote control in your hand


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