Friday, May 31, 2024

Dell predicts rise in 5G enterprise use cases for 2021

Dell Technologies recently hosted a virtual conference called “Perspectives – 2021 and beyond” to discuss the top IT priorities of organizations, as well as the technology trends that the region can expect this year and beyond.

Dell Technologies 5G prediction

According to John Roese, Dell Technologies’ global chief technology officer, 5G connectivity will not just be a consumer product moving forward. Instead, 5G will be dominated by enterprise use. The impending transition to 5G will be the catalyst for a new wave of services that include mobile broadband, smart cars, drones, e-commerce, and industrial robotics among others.

“In 2021, we will have true standalone 5G materialize and it will include advanced features. Enterprise use cases will dominate the technical landscape of 5G, for both public and private deployment models. The fundamental architecture of 5G will move away from the telco and shift to a cloud and IT architecture, which will be open and software-defined for the first time,” he said.

While it’s still too early to call for mainstream adoption of 5G this year, companies like Dell Technologies are already engaged with their service providers and network technology vendors for industry standardization.

5G technology is set to provide a fully software-defined end-to end architecture, from radio all the way through the core. It is not a mere access to new technology, instead it represents an entire architectural pivot that brings in new technical and operational models, as well as its implementation and design.

Amit Midha, Dell Technologies president for APJ and Global Digital Cities, concluded the conference with the company’s 2030 moonshot goals, reiterating that Dell Technologies will still focus on its social impact initiatives and advancements in inclusion and sustainability.

“Ultimately, we believe that what we do is not only essential, but if done right, will make the world a better place. I strongly believe that technology and data combined with human spirit are, and will always be, positive forces in the world. We are headed towards a future that is bright and extraordinary,” Midha said.


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